Tuesday, January 6, 2009

50 Bucks I could have spent on art supplies!

Ok, I realize that the rising cost of groceries is not really a subject of vintage or artistic nature. But I was so utterly SHOCKED last night at King's where I went to pick up just a "few things". I stood there open mouthed as the clerk mumbled the tally. How could so little cost SO much? I may have to give up olives ($4.41) and seaweed salad, but the rest were pretty necessary.

Is it this high outside the greater NY area? yikes!

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Danielle Combs said...

It's comparable. Tonight I bought two different salad blends, some grapes, some apples, orange juice, a French baguette, and a salad topper mix, and spent 21.00 on just that!

Granted, my juice was 3.something, but it's totally worth it.